SRS DIECASTING PVT. LTD manufactures pressure diecast components for large OEM’s & Tier 1 Suppliers in Automotive, Telecom and White Goods sector. The facilities and competence have been organized with the objective to give the OEM customer

“one stop solution” for all small aluminum diecast parts.

Customers and products

Continental EngineS Ltd.
Component: Engine Housing and Covers

Continental Engines is setting up a plant to manufacture 3 wheeled vehicles and engines.

We are developing all critical Engine castings. All parts are being supplied fully machined.

Project Image
Engine Housing and Covers
Eicher Ltd. (Royal Enfield)
Component: Brake parts

‘Bullet’-India’s first 4 stroke motorcycle continues to have a niche market even 50 years after its launch in India.

We supply wheel hubs for the disc brake version.

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Brake parts
Greennstar Products Inc.
Component: Aluminium diecast parts

GreenStar is an emerging technology leader in LED lighting.

We are supplying a range of aluminium diecast parts for their ‘Galaxy’, ‘Aviator’, ‘Astro’ & ‘Solaris’ lights.

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Aluminium diecast parts
Hella India Ltd.
Component: Reflectors

Hella is one of the foremost automotive lighting companies in the world.

We have been chosen to supply a wide range of coated / uncoated diecast reflectors for high power work lamps for their operations in both India & Austria

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Honda Siel Power Products Ltd.
Component: Alternator Housing & Pump Parts

This Honda (Japan) subsidiary manufactures small engines and engine driven generators and pumps.

We supply them 13 PDC components, mainly for pumps.

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Alternator Housing & Pump Parts
LG Electronics India Pvt. Ltd.
Component: Pulleys & Hubs for Washing Machines

Every year we supply over 1 million motor pulleys for washing machines to this Korean company.

Customer returns are less than 100 PPM.

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Pulleys & Hubs for Washing Machines
Mahle Filtration Systems India Ltd.
Component: Filter Head

Mahle are suppliers of filter assemblies to GM, Bosch & others for fuel injection equipment. We supply completely machined filter covers with encapsulated studs for spin-on type fuel & oil filters.

Project Image
Filter Head
Vibracoustic (I) Pvt. Ltd.
Component: Cores & Holders for Engine Mountings

The components supplied by us are rubber moulded and finally supplied to overseas customers including Daimler, Germany.

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Cores & Holders for Engine Mountings
Panalfa Autoelektrik Ltd.
Component: Brackets of Starter & Alternator

Panalfa is a joint venture with Magneton of Czech Republic. They manufacture starters & alternators for automobiles.

We supply fully machined & painted End Covers for these.

Project Image
Brackets of Starter & Alternator
SMR Automotive Systems Ltd.
Component: Rear View Mirror Parts

We have been the predominant source for this company for all PDC parts ever since they started their operations in India over 16 years ago.
We supply the components in fully machined and painted, ready for final assembly to 4 of their plants, 2 in India and 2 in Europe.

Currently we are the single source for over 60 different parts from 32 active dies.

Project Image
Rear View Mirror Parts