SRS DIECASTING PVT. LTD manufactures pressure diecast components for large OEM’s & Tier 1 Suppliers in Automotive, Telecom and White Goods sector. The facilities and competence have been organized with the objective to give the OEM customer a

“one stop solution” for all small aluminum diecast parts.



Capable of migrating from "Build to print" to "Build to specifications"

Well staffed Design section supported by latestSoftware such as Solidworks, Delcam and DIEDIFICE for optimizing the detailed design.

Complete DFM (Design Feasibility for Manufacturing)study is carried out for all new parts before commencing production.

USP is ability to handle variety & tailor processes to meet customer specific requirements such as

  • Extremely thin walled parts (1.2 mm wall thickness)
  • Extremely thick walled parts (upto 45 mm thickness) with porosity levels maintained as per ASTM E 155
  • Large parts (410 mm diameter) with form tolerances < 0.4 mm
  • Small parts with form tolerances < 80 microns
  • Machined parts with tolerances of 23 microns & Cpk >1.5
  • Parts with high surface finish as cast (Ra 1.2 or better)
  • Coated parts with 1000+ hours salt spray resistance